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June 29, 2007


Sharon Dale

Hey Nellie - I've got a nice, warm home here in Melbourne for you where you can come and join Gwen and Mabel - missed getting hold of you last time as you were so popular! We'll have a great big sewing party together...hope to see you soon! Sharon(Gwen & Mabel too)!!!!

Kelly R

I cannot sew to save my life...but this might be a reason to try ;o)

Have a great weekend Kim!


I would love to win - can't wait to do the class (once my log in is working !! :-) Looking forward to seeing the future classes that come along and think this is a wonderful idea!
Best wishes


Hey Kim - Am so looking forward to doing this class - And while Mabel is happily sitting here ready for the class - she would be mighty happy to see Nellie with her.
Keep up the great work


I just loved your sample class, thanks.
I'd love to offer Nellie a home :)


Please send Nellie to my nice, warm & cosy home. I'm sure she'd settle in well. Great work Kim, your talent astounds me!


Just found your site and I love all of the inspiration!!! I'll be signing up for a class REAL soon.


Oh hello Kim. I'm sure I could accommodate NELLIE too - she looks just beautiful!!


Nellie would be most welcome here :)

I'm loving the site Kim! I'm so glad the In Review class is open for a couple of extra days too, as I haven't quite finished, but that gives me plenty of time.


I would love to have nellie as I was too slow with the others and missed out completely.I'm sure I could sew her up beautifully.


The site and ahop is fantastic Kim! I have a home for Nellie too, it is just gorgeous!!


Hi Kim...oooohhh Nellie was the one I wanted but it had sold out before I could get it...pick me lol! Jo


Nellie, Nellie please come here.
It would be so nice to have you near.
We could sew and scrap.
Then take a nap.
Ok Kim how I need a new friend,
So please, please can you send.


Congrats on the success so far. You've created a great blog with some fabulous ideas. I am sure all the upcoming classes will be extremely popular too. Well done!

Kim Wood

HI Kim and Janelle

Cannot wait for the class to start on Monday. I am very excited about this little project.

Kim W


Congratulations on your site Kim, it looks gorgeous, I hope to take a class with you one day!


I only just found out this site existed Kim .....i know where have i been!!?? LOL {lucky i stopped in to have a squizz at Mardi's blog}
I just signed up for your free class, and i cant wait, so if Nellie happens to come my way that would just be a super bonus!! ;)
Love kel xox


WOW! Great how well this is going for you girls :) Congratulations :)


whoooaaa nellie!come and live with me. i hope you sell out many more kits in the future kim. best of luck to you!


Hi Kim
Looking forward to the class. Sewing is my other interest. Nellie would be most welcome here as we call our daughter who lives overseas Nellie - short for Jenelle!
Keep up the absolutely astounding great work.

Marie Noske

I would really love it if the real Nellie came to visit me. Now, that would be a treat!!! However, I know that it's probably not possible atm, so the Nellie kit would just have to suffice.


Thank goodness it's a random draw for Nellie, I am never any good at those comps that you have to "write in 25 words or less..." I either end up with too many words or none at all.

so ummm,
pick me?


Carol Dillon

I am really looking forward to Monday - have been stocking up on felt. I think I will be making lots of these LOL! Next time I think it would be easier just to buy the kits!

Have a great weekend Kim and Janelle!
Carol :-)


The site looks fantastic Kim!!! The classes look so beautiful!! Congrats on it all!


Great site, looking forward to maybe sitting in on a class soon. Pretty new to all this but can definately sew and need somewhere for my photos. Thanks for having great sites and blogs, you are all inspiring. Pennie

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