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June 29, 2007


Ros Oakes

Ohhh, I love the Nellie pack. It was the one I wanted but you didn't get to make any more kits. Damm flooding!!


nellie would be made very welcome at my house!!!!


helen Karanfilovski

Hi Kim,
I am going to keep entering these comps in the hope one day, my name will be picked. It has to come up:) !!!!!
I am looking forward to the class.

Ruey Enanoria

HI Kim, I'd love to get my hands on a pick me pick me pick me!!! Pretty pretty please!!! Keep up the great work!!


Hi Kim, I would have loved to do this class, but just at present I have no spare time what so ever. So I would love a kit.
Good luck with it all

Sharon Gilbert

Hi Kim,
I would love the postie to knock on my door
and hand me a parcel with Nellie inside.
I'll see if Monday is my lucky day!

Jo Carey

Hi Kim! Love the site and the classes look great!! I'd love a Nellie folio - she is so talented!!

Lee Longmire

Hey Kim!
Pick Me Pick Me (LOL).
Lee :)


Love your site Kim - and I would love to give Nellie a new home too!!


Hi Kim, I sooooo love using felt at the moment on my cards and layouts, I would be very excited to be the winner and recieve this felt folio kit as I haven't done much sewing with felt and that would be a new challenge. Thanks Anna

Kayla MacAulay

Hey Kim,

I must say that you are doing a great job with your site.
I unfortunetley didnt see it till the kits were sold out, i am doing the class though.

I can't wait.



Leanne Walker

HI Kim,
Can't wait to do the class. It's going to be lots of fun.

Judith Hunt

saying hello, hope not too late.


Saying HELLO lol

Alison Shearer

Pick me pick me!!! LOL

These are so cute. Janelle is very clever.


Melissa H

hey kim!!
saying hello to you!!!


another hello- hoping whoa nellie comes to my home!


Instead of watching the Wallabies with my 2 guys - I have just found your site Kim! (via Lee Woodside's blog - neat how the internet works isn't it?!)... And discovered your fab felt stuff. Verrrry noice! I have signed up for the newsletter & look forward to doing a class soon. Cheers from cold Brisbane :)


Hi Kimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!
How are you?
I'm very tired because I'm studying for my examinations to the university , the 11th and 12th of july!!!!
Congratulations for the new web site, wauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, it's great!!!
I want to partecipate to this class and buy theese felt kits, is it possible :-(
I'd be very very happy to have them and to partecipate to your class after the 12th of july.
Please let me know, I'm Crazy fro your workshops!!!!


Two more sleeps, two more sleeps!!! Can't wait for the class, and oh gee! how nice it would be to WIN Nellie.


Would love a felt folio, a good reason to learn to sew.

Jenni 'Amato


Samantha Buse'

Hi Kim, congrats on the new web site it is awesome, hope to take part in some classes real soon, however, I am just trying to win the nellie pack today, shameless i know. lol.

Inge Guillaume


i would love to win this kit. It would be the first time ever i win something.
Bye bye!

Robyn W

ok so i was a tadslow to get one, so maybe just a little lucky to see Nellie out here with me.......maybe.....fingers crossed

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